In connection with the City’s redevelopment of Slussen, Atrium Ljungberg is undertaking a technical upgrade and development of Katarinahuset. Katarinahuset holds the second-highest cultural-historical classification (green) according to the City Museum’s classification. The building is a significant element in the cityscape at Slussen, and no changes will be made to the existing facades. Several interior parts of the building also have cultural-historical values and will be preserved.

Stålprofil has supplied steel profiles that allowed the appearance to be preserved without compromising safety. Some of the profiles are covered with high-gloss stainless steel sheet and profiled caps on the facade sections.

The redevelopment of Katarinahuset is environmentally certified as BREEAM Excellent, which imposes high standards on both project implementation and the finished building.

Profile Systems: SP 6000/SR, SP300, SP500, SP700
Classifications: EI30 , EI60, RC3
Producer: Dörrsnabben i Stockholm AB,
Plåt & Ståldesign AB
Renovering: 2020-2024
Architect: ElinderSten Arkitekter, Reflex Arkitekter