Edison Park, Lund

Edison Park, near Ideon in northern Lund, is attractive for growing companies in medicine, chemistry, electronics and IT. The area opens up opportunities for small growth companies as well as large, established companies in a creative and inspiring setting. A few well-known companies with offices in Edison Park include Qualcomm, Axis AB, Huawei, Xdin and Purac AB. The vision is to offer a hub for creative, innovative companies in a setting with a variety of services and added value available nearby. For Edison Park, we supplied steel profiles from both SP 35000 and SP 76500. The property owner is Fastighets AB Briggen in Öresund.

Door and wall partitions: Steel profile systems SP 35000 and SP 76500
Built in: 2007
Architect: Liljewall Architects
Construction company: Rekab Entreprenad AB
Producer: ALAB, EAB and MaxiDoor, assembly by Bogrens glas AB