SP 600
Stålprofil facade system

Stålprofil concept SP 600

Facade system with profiles for glazed wall and roof sections that meet high requirements according to the harmonized product standard EN 13830. The facade elements can be performance-declared (DoP) and CE marked according to standards for requirements such as rain and wind resistance, U-value, and sound reduction. Made of steel, wood, and aluminum, they meet the highest standards for passive house requirements.

The facade systems consist of an inner load-bearing profile, inner and outer sealing gaskets, and external cover profiles that are securely fastened. The elements are well dimensioned and can handle significantly large and heavy glass panels while meeting other requirements such as burglary protection and bullet resistance.

The load-bearing profile with grooves for sealing and glazing is a cold-formed steel facade profile. The load-bearing profile is also available in aluminum and can be made in wood as well. Additionally, other standard and custom profiles in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and other materials that meet the static load requirements can be used with an additional channel in steel or aluminum, which is included in the facade system.

The inner load-bearing profile can be joined using screw connections or welding. The developed and approved screw connection greatly simplifies the installation process. The facade elements can be delivered in any color according to, for example, RAL. Cover profiles and seals are the same across the different systems.

Steel profile concept SP 600 is based on the Stabalux facade system (www.stabalux.com). The documentation comes from Stabalux and includes their system names, article numbers, and designations. Stabalux and Stålprofil have initiated a long-term collaboration for future joint development to meet market demands. Stålprofil is responsible for the Scandinavian and Baltic markets.

Steel profile concept SP 600 consists of five different facade systems.

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