The Mangon Quarter in Södermalm, Stockholm, is a project by Svenska Bostäder. The quarter will offer 169 rental apartments, a preschool with six departments, as well as two commercial spaces and a shelter. With ongoing occupancy and certification according to the Silver level of the Miljöbyggnad (Environmental Building) standard, the project focuses on creating a secure and sustainable indoor environment with low energy consumption. It is a positive addition to the area, where Stockholmshem is also constructing 151 rental apartments in the Persikan Quarter.

Stålprofil has delivered secure steel profiles, and our manufacturer has produced secure and approved door sections with the classification EI30 and S200. In stairwells, it is crucial to choose approved solutions to limit potential fire and smoke development. The choice of fire-resistant and smoke-tight doors in stairwells is essential to reduce the risk of damage and promote the safety of people in a building. It is an investment in creating a safer and more secure environment for residents and visitors.


Profile systems: SP35000, SP59000, SP76500, SP79000
Classifications: EI30 + s200
Producer: Fasadsystem Stål i Borås AB
Bulit in: 2020-2023
Construction company: Wästbygg AB


Mangon, Stockholm