The Landsdomaren block in Lund is home to the new psychiatric clinic which, after renovations and additions, fulfills today’s care requirements with a new floorplan, modern technology and an improved building envelope. The finished building meets today’s energy requirements and offers an open and bright environment with a good indoor climate. The building has over 100 beds distributed across 8 wards as well as an emergency room. Our steel profiles are in the entrance doors, the various wards, the library and toward the stairwell. The property owner is Skåne Region Service.

Door and wall partitions: Steel profile systems SP 35000, SP 56500, SP 76500 and SP 79000
Built in: 2013
Architect: White Arkitekter, Agneta Ljungberg Arkitekter
Construction company: Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, Peab Sverige AB
Producer: ALAB


Landsdomaren, Lund