Huddinge sjukhus
Huddinge sjukhus

Karolinska University Hospital

The O building at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, covers 29,000 square meters. Many people work and are cared for here. The building is adapted to suit modern operations and radiological operations and is certified according to Green Building Gold.
Steel profiles from Stålprofil have long been used in many similar environments and project as they meet high fire protection standards while also making it possible to create bright, open settings that both provide comfort and increase security.
In a hospital environment, high standards are also required of doors and passageways to withstand high wear and tear, which leads to the choice of steel profiles in particular. Not only are they opened very frequently, but doors and window partitions also get hit by wide hospital beds now and then.

Door and wall partitions: Stålprofilsystem SP 35000, SP 76500 och SP 79000
Built in: 2019
Architect: White Arkitekter
Producer: Maxidoor AB