Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

Every year, heart surgery is carried out on around 500 children, of which around half takes place at Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital – a hospital known today as probably Europe’s most modern. A new extension was built between 2018 and 2020 that can boast e.g. 1300 rooms, 16 intensive care beds, a large surgical department, play therapy and a pool. These are high-tech departments able to provide modern children’s healthcare while also making room for the most important thing in the life of a small child, the family.
The hospital got in touch with us at Stålprofil early in the design stage. They set high standards for fire safety and the safety of children in the building, and the architectural design and artistic expression paid a great deal of attention to the needs of children and a good work environment. So, integrated finger trap gaskets were a natural choice for all doors in those parts of the building children spend time in. Today, the gaskets can also be used in fire doors with Sa and S200 smoke ratings, an ability that makes Stålprofil unique in the marketplace.
To make the departments even more child friendly, door design was modified to help children see which part is the door and which part is fixed – we did this by painting the doors and the fixed side panels in different colors.
More than 5,000 people worked on the project, and the building is certified to Green Building Gold. It meets requirements for low energy consumption, a healthy indoor environment and toxin-free materials. Great for the climate, and especially so for all the children who’ll spend time there. We’re proud to have been part of the project.


Door and wall partitions: Steel profile systems SP 35000, SP 76500 och SP 79000
Built in: 2018-2020
Architect: White
Producer: Fasadsystem stål i Borås AB
Glass supplier: Vetrotech Saint-Globain