Champalimaud Foundation

The Champalimaud Foundation focuses on pioneering research and works to find new discoveries and build knowledge to improve health and well-being in people worldwide. The property’s construction was adapted entirely to their operation. SISAF manufactured and assembled partitions with profiles from Stålprofil that are designed to meet requirements for fire protection and appearance. For door and wall partitions, we supplied stainless steel profiles from systems SP 976500 and SP 979000. Steel profiles from SP 95000 were supplied for the sliding doors.

Door and wall partitions: Steel profile systems SP 976500, SP 979000, sliding doors in steel profile system SP 95000.
Other: Acid-proof stainless steel, EN 1.4404
Built in: 2009
Architect: Charles Correa
Construction company: Mota-Engil/HCI
Producer: TRIA,